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High speed services, old-fashioned relationships

Jaguar Technologies has provided reliable telecommunications services in the southeastern U.S. for over a decade. We built our business on a high standard of quality, service and safety at a time when there were no formal industry standards to measure against. Today, Jaguar Technologies proudly offers the same level of quality service, exceeding the standards within the newly adopted TL 9000 guidelines.

Innovative QC Tracking
Jaguar Technologies copyrighted an Internet job tracking program that allows our customers real-time QC reporting. Internally, this quality control program tracks our work performance, completion rates and other highly detailed information for every Jaguar Technologies technician and every work order. We use this reporting to anticipate and prevent potential issues that could affect the quality of work we provide.

For our customers, on-line QC tracking means instant access to our job performance – whether you’re out in the field using a laptop computer, or back at the office on-line – you’ll save time and money with efficiencies in planning and scheduling.

Safety is job one.
Apart from just meeting industry standard OSHA requirements, Jaguar Technologies’s focus on safety is embedded into everything we do, every single day. Our team is trained to perform sensitive and potentially hazardous jobs, so we’re comfortable above and under the ground and in the middle of it all.

You can be confident putting our technicians to work on your construction, installation and service jobs. We conduct weekly safety meetings and rigorously track tech performance to reduce the number of on-the-job accidents. In fact, Jaguar Technologies boasts an accident-free operation, company-wide.

Quality, safe and reliable telecommunications services – Jaguar Technologies makes it happen. We would like to hear more about your project – contact us today for an evaluation.