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High speed services, old-fashioned relationships

Minority-owned Jaguar Technologies, Inc. officially opened for business in 1994 when Dorothy and Stafford Davis – a husband and wife team – made the quick decision to enter a fast-paced industry with lots of growth potential and endless opportunity. And they haven’t looked back since.

The duo took their industry experience (Stafford was a telecommunications contractor and Dorothy had an extensive career in finance and customer service) and with hard work and tenacity, established a few choice contracts that ultimately launched them into the top 20 in national sales in only three years.

As the telecommunications industry changed, Jaguar Technologies was steadfast even as their competition was moving in and out, merging and changing names, and adding and cutting services. Jaguar Technologies kept pace by diversifying their services and making smart moves to change parts of their business that were not cost effective.

The Jaguar Technologies of today has nationwide capabilities, and they proudly operate under the same corporate banner and the same commitment to “old-fashioned” ethics.

Old-fashioned Business in a High-tech World
It may seem like the two are mutually exclusive – old-fashioned and high-tech – but this has been Jaguar Technologies’s formula for success for over a decade:

Old-fashioned service and high-tech skill.
Old-fashioned manners and high-tech industry.
Old-fashioned relationships and high-tech performance.

That’s the Jaguar Technologies difference.

Jaguar Technologies’ mission is simple:
Jaguar Technologies provides quality and timely services with a commitment to professionalism, integrity and performance excellence. We set our goals high and continuously strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by building and maintaining a motivated team through expert training and forward-thinking leadership.